• Lefkada is one of the most picturesque Greek islands. It is one of the most storied islands of the Ionian isles, with its own special tradition and culture. Its position to the Ionian Sea is ideal, just because it is situated between Corfu and Kefallonia, very close to the coasts of Aitoloakarnania. It is the only Greek island, that connects it with the Mainland with a bridge and there is no need to travel by ferry to get here. Lefkada has an extent of 300 sq km and along with the nearby islands of Meganisi, Kalamo, Scorpio, Madouri, Scorpidi, Sparti, Thileia, Kithro consist the prefecture of Lefkada.

    Many beaches on the island are considered some of the best in the world. Some of the most popular is Kathisma, Porto Katsiki etc. Besides the interesting town of Lefkada, there are also many maritime villages, full of nightlife and choices for all the tastes. Interesting for the visitor are also the mountainous villages, with their picturesque landscapes and the characteristic tradition. The western regions of the island, are worldwide famous for the magnificent sunset that everyone can enjoy, the time that the sun sunsets and is lost in the deep blue waters of Ionian Sea.

  • One of the most beautiful regions of Lefkada is Nikiana, which is at a distance of only 10 km. from the town of Lefkada and 5 km. from the picturesque Nidri.

    Nikiana is one of the most magnificent regions of the island and has all the necessary infrastructure for the service of the clients. Here in Nikiana, you will find the complex Jimmy’s House ROOMS with rental rooms and apartments, where you can enjoy your accommodation and you will meet the traditional hospitality of Lefkada.

  • Lefkada is at a distance of 385 km. from Athens, 180 km. from Patra and 100 km. from Igoumenitsa.

    The access to the island is easy by car through the drawbridge that connects it with Mainland Greece or through the nearby international airport of Aktion by daily flights from and to Athens and abroad. Through the summer period there are many bus routes from and to the town of Lefkada.